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Rencontre bresilienne, Rencontre avec Conceição Evaristo


    Les fardados membres entrent en contact avec rencontre bresilienne divin grâce à cet enthéogène, appelé Daime.

    rencontre bresilienne

    En ce sens, les expériences mystiques et la clairvoyance sont deux phénomènes que nous abordons comme les catalyseurs de ces relations. This syncretic religion, stemming from indigenous traditions, Afro-Brazilian religions, Catholicism, European esoteric currents and Spiritism, is intrinsically connected to Brazilian culture and more specifically to the Amazon rainforest through the use of ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic substance.

    The fardados uniformed members make contact with the divine thanks to this entheogen called Daime.

    rencontre bresilienne

    This thesis examines the expansion of Santo Daime in the province of Quebec through the history of a group we call the Église daimiste québécoise. An ethnography of the Daimista group will help us to explore the mechanisms that are implemented by members to make sense of this culturally distant religion.

    In that sense, mystical experiences and clairvoyance are two phenomena that we will address as rencontre bresilienne catalyst of these relationships. Along with this apprenticeship, and connecting elements of Santo Daime with the other faiths they have experienced forms an intelligible ensemble that can be integrated into their everyday life.

    rencontre bresilienne