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Recherche femme qui aime l équitation, Rencontre avec Michel Milcendeau | Comité départemental de tourisme équestre de Vendée

The essential collection of the Leipzig University Library on the horse Question: — What are the main characteristics of a university library today?


Response of Mr. Ulrich Johannes Schneider, director of the famous library of the University of Leipzig, who gave us the following interview: It offers a space for study and research and, at the same time, accompanies the third mission of a university: to connect with the public.

A university library is not only at the service of science, but also of scientific culture and, therefore, of democracy.

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It is an uncensored space for information and the formation of critical thinking, especially in the digital age. Why this preamble?

L’équitation, ce sport où l’on aime celui que l’on peut dominer

Because this reminder, this context, this perspective allows us to recognize the importance of the exhibition dedicated to the horse that opened in March and lasted until November Indeed, the horse deserved and deserves this type of attention, this type of exposure, for the role it has played and is playing in our societies in full technological and digital change, and it is well deserved!

Can you place it — characterizing the object — in comparison with other German or European libraries?

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Its strengths? Its originality?

Rencontre… Comment êtes-vous venu au cheval?

How will c re or? It is constantly improving the description of these documents, especially in digital format. The BUL considers itself not only a library, but also a cultural institution, and offers a very comprehensive calendar of events and exhibitions.

Citation CHEVAL : phrases et proverbes

Do you have a procurement policy? How is it organized the team? How is it financed?

It is fully funded by the State of Saxony with the aim of supporting studies and research at the university. Currently, the BUL offers 3, jobs in seven different locations in the city of Leipzig.

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The BUL makes efforts to obtain external funding: currently, the BUL has about employees working on recherche femme qui aime l équitation of limited duration, with a budget of approximately 2 million additional euros per year. The BUL is also processing and digitizing its 83, coins and other treasures. Interview by Xavier Libbrecht.